Thinking that hiring some sumo suits would be some fun at your next party? You'd be right!

But what exactly do you do with them and how do you make it fun for everyone? Here are some great tips for keeping everyone entertained and involved!

1. Select your format

  • Traditional sporting finals set up - Individuals are allocated an opponent with the winner of each bout moving forward to the next stage. This is great for varied sizes of groups as you can make the "playoffs" as large or small as required. Eventually you'll be down to two final competitors who face off for the grand Sumo Champion title!
  • Team against team - Great for sporting teams or anywhere a large number of people want to participate. Create two even teams with competitors facing off against one another and the winner of each bout receiving a point. The team with the highest tally of points at the end is declared the winner! This can then be taken further by splitting the winning team up and pairing them off against each other.
  • Ultimate Sumo champ - Easy - winner stays in until he/she is beaten. You can play continously or tally up consecutive wins to see who the ultimate champ is at the end of the day/night!

2. Create your rules

  • Traditionally competitors will face off against each other from opposite ends of the mat. The referee will signal the start of the battle and a point will be given upon one of the following two things occuring:
    • An opponent falls or is forced outside of the mat area
    • An opponent falls or is taken down on the mat
  • You can create your own custom rules and play the way you like! That's the beauty of our sumo suit hire.

We hope that helps you with the decision to hire your sumo suits...give us a call with any questions!